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Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous Western Slope
Adopted October 16, 1989
Amended June 16, 2003
Amended September 20, 2004
Amended December 19, 2011
Amended February 18, 2013
Amended December 16, 2013


The name of this group shall be: Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous, Western Slope


This Intergroup is an AA service office that involves partnership among groups in our community — just as AA groups themselves are partnerships of individuals. This Intergroup was established to carry out certain functions common to all the group functions which are best handled by this Intergroup, which is supervised and supported by these groups in their general interest. It exists to aid the groups in their common purpose to carry the A.A. message to the alcoholic who still suffers.
The purpose of this group shall be to act as a unifying force among the groups of Alcoholics Anonymous on the Western Slope using all the AA Traditions as guidelines. This area should encompass the area from Pollock Pines to El Dorado Hills, with a northern boundary of Georgetown and a southern boundary of Somerset.

The duties of this Intergroup are to provide services that the individual groups of Alcoholics Anonymous would not be adequately able to provide without unity.

This shall include, but not limited to:

Newspaper Advertisement: Maintains newspaper ads that

the group representatives deem necessary.
Intergroup Postal Box: Handle all the mail inquiries received in the Intergroup-maintained Post Office Box, routing them to the proper committee or individual for handling.
Meeting Directories: At regular intervals, Intergroup may publish and distribute up-to-date meeting schedules, which will include new meetings, address changes, type of meeting, wheelchair access meeting, etc. The directory will also include the name, date, time and location of Intergroup and other service meetings. This directory will not include group activities and special events.
AA Newsletter: The preparation of an AA publication for periodic distribution to AA groups about AA activities is about AA and AA information on the Western Slope. This committee will provide guidelines to the Intergroup representatives for approval.
Information Exchange: Intergroup may function as a clearing house for the circulation and exchange of information among all the AA groups in the community. Intergroup will provide information on conferences, workshops, seminars which are received in the Intergroup mail box.
Unity Events: This committee will put together workshops to promote service and other activities that carry the message to the Alcoholic who still suffers. (The accepted definition of an AA event is an event put on by A.A. members for A.A. members about AA.)

A monthly budget will be established for various committees by discussion and a vote of the Intergroup representatives.

Budgets will not accumulate from month to month. Expenses beyond the said budget will be added to the monthly Intergroup meeting agenda for discussion and a vote.
Committee chairs are asked to submit receipts for all expenses each month. Do not let the receipts accumulate from month to month.

Intergroup shall meet monthly on the third (3rd) Monday at whatever location and

Intergroup time the representatives deem appropriate.
Any group within the service area wishing to affiliate with Intergroup may do so simply by observing the 12 Traditions and designating a person as their representative and a person as their alternate. It is suggested that A.A. members be elected who show a desire to be of service and are willing to carry out their obligation to the best of their ability in the spirit of unity and cooperation.
The proposed amendment(s) shall be presented at the first representative meeting,

discussed at the second and voted on the third.

Amy amendment(s) to these guidelines requires a majority vote of the representatives present.
Committee members will elect and vote in their own Chairperson, Alternate, etc. Service position terms will be determined by the committee members.
Nominations, Elections and Terms
Any A.A. member of any member group can be nominated for office

provided that they meet the qualification for holding office.
All service positions will each be a two (2) year term.

Officers must rotate out after two (2) consecutive terms.
All Intergroup Representatives shall be entitled to cast one (1) vote on issues that require voting. Each committee shall be entitled to one (1) vote. Representatives from other areas of A.A. such as General Service and Hospitals and Institutions shall be entitled to one (1) vote if they have designated a representative to attend Intergroup meetings on a regular basis. In no case, will an individual be allowed more than one vote. If a member represents more that one group or serves on multiple committees, they are not entitled to vote more than once.

“One person, one vote,” is our overriding guideline.
Nominations will be held in November. Elections will be held in December.
In the event of a “tie vote,” the decision will be determined by a Hat drawing.

Shall have three (3) years continuous sobriety
Shall open and set up the monthly meeting at the designated location.
Use a monthly agenda as a guide for the Intergroup meeting.
Shall preside as Chair/Secretary at the monthly Intergroup Meeting.
Will pick up mail at the Intergroup post office (except contributions), read, copy, and distribute at the monthly meeting.
Keep current World Service A.A. Directories (Eastern U.S., Western U.S., Canadian and International for A.A. member’s use only.
Alternate Chair/Secretary
Shall have three years (3) continuous sobriety.
Shall perform the duties of the Chair/Secretary when requested by the Chair/Secretary or in the case of their absence or inability to act.
Shall perform other duties as occasionally assigned.

Shall have three (3) years continuous sobriety.
Shall pick up all contributions at Intergroup and the U.S. post office box.
Shall pay all payments with the Intergroup checking account, which will include rent, phone service, committee purchases, Intergroup expenses etc. (must have receipts)
Maintain and report the Intergroup financial status each month.
Renew the annual public service advertisement in Placerville newspaper.

Recording Secretary
Shall have three (3) years continuous sobriety.
Shall record and document the monthly Intergroup Business Meeting.
Maintain minutes along with the original treasurer and committee reports in the separate folder.
Distribute minutes to the Chair/Secretary within 2 weeks after the Intergroup meeting.

About Intergroup
Any group within our service area wishing to affiliate with Intergroup may do so simply by observing the 12 Traditions and designating one of their group members as their Intergroup Representative. It’s good practice to also name a second person as alternate. It’s suggested that AA members be elected who show a desire to be of service and are willing to carry out their obligation to the best of their ability in the spirit of unity and cooperation.

Who can attend Intergroup meetings?
Intergroup business meetings are open to any A.A. member. Even if you have no vote, you have a right to voice your opinion. Observing often and in as many different settings as possible can make you a more informed member.

What does an Intergroup Rep do?
The Intergroup Rep is selected by the group and attends the monthly Intergroup business meetings to bring suggestions, comments and opinions from the group.

The Rep brings back to the group information such as new flyers, announcements and meeting schedules. The Rep should be present to cast a vote on all matters requiring a group conscience. Through active Intergroup participation, the Rep helps the group stay involved and keeping AA on the Western Slope healthy and active.

The key purpose of the Intergroup Rep is to be a link in the chain connecting individual AA members in the group to Intergroup resources.

What are the qualifications of an Intergroup Rep?
Each AA group determines its Intergroup Rep qualifications. However, experience has shown that both the group and AA as a whole are best served by Reps having at least one (1) year of continuous sobriety and able to serve for at least one (1) year.

The Intergroup Committee also provides “Purpose, Duties and Procedures” guides to help Intergroup Reps learn their roles and responsibilities.


Intergroup Subcommittees


CD Librarian
The CD Librarian collects and makes available by request various AA related audiovisual materials of interest to AA members and presents demonstrations at local AA meetings.

Intergroup’s “Birthday Plan”
Many A.A. members across the country share their sobriety anniversaries with others by contributing a monetary contribution (usually one dollar per year of sobriety) to their local Intergroup. This insures that the same help that they received will be available to others that are new to the Fellowship. This is really a wonderful way to express your gratitude by helping others receive the blessing of sobriety.

Start this year and make it an annual event. It’s not how much you give that’s important: It’s thinking of others on your special day that makes it so special.

Please make your check or money order to West Slope Intergroup (address below). Mention your years of sobriety or request to be listed as anonymous.

Liaisons with local services
To ensure a continuous exchange of AA service information, liaisons from H & I and General Service District 22 attend our meetings.

Intergroup business meetings:
Meets 7:00 pm 3rd Monday of each month at the 7th Day Adventist Church at 6831 Mother Lode Dr, Placerville, CA 95667.

The meeting will start promptly at 7:00 P.M.


P.O. Box 1434
Placerville, CA 95667

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