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District 22 General Service purpose

  • Carry the A.A. message to the alcoholic who still suffers

  • Educate our general membership about the AA Steps, Traditions, and Concepts

  • Provide a forum for the exchange of information between our district organization and any other A.A. service groups or committees

  • Assist the DCM and GSRs in discharging their responsibilities as outlined in the AA Service Manual

  • Form subcommittees as necessary to carry out our purpose

  • To be self-supporting and disburse 7th Tradition funds received from groups to carry out our purposes on their behalf

District 22 General Service meetings

DCM: Lorraine M. [email:]

Meets 6:00 P.M. 2nd Wednesday of each month in-person at:

First Lutheran Church

1200 Pinecrest Ct

Placerville, CA 95667

Or you can join us on Zoom:

Room ID: 280 148 7401

Waiting room enabled, please wait for the

meeting to start, or the host to let you in

Open to all members, NOT just GSR’s.

District 22
P.O. Box 748
Placerville, CA 95667

Liaisons with local services 

To ensure a continuous exchange of AA service information,

liaisons from Intergroup and H&I attend district meetings.

District Subcommittees 

  • Bridging the Gap Committee

BTG helps AA members in treatment facilities, hospitals and correctional facilities transition on release by helping them get to their first AA meetings in their home community. BTG is the link connecting H&I and PI/CPC. BTG chair:


  • Archives

Archives assists with the collecting, cataloging and storage of artifacts important to the local history of Alcoholics Anonymous. Groups are encouraged to contribute their A.A. related artifacts to our district archives. For more information or to volunteer your assistance, please email the Archives Chair.

  • District Grapevine Committee

This district committee is dedicated to raising awareness of the the AA Grapevine, which is the international journal of Alcoholics Anonymous, and of the the many valuable Grapevine publications. Written, edited, illustrated, and read by AA members and others interested in the AA program of recovery from alcoholism, the Grapevine is a lifeline linking one alcoholic to another.

Widely known as a “meeting in print,” the AA Grapevine communicates the experience, strength, and hope of its contributors and reflects a broad geographic spectrum of current AA experience with recovery, unity, and service. Founded in 1944, the Grapevine does not receive group contributions, but is supported entirely through magazine subscription sales and additional income derived from the sale of Grapevine items.

The AA Grapevine publication is available at A.A. meetings for a nominal fee per issue. Past issues, when available, are typically free at Western Slope A.A. meetings.

  • District Web Committee

[ email: ]
The Web Committee is responsible for developing and maintaining this web site.

  • PI/CPC Committee

Public Information in Alcoholics Anonymous carries the message of recovery to the still-suffering alcoholic by informing the general public about the A.A. program. We carry the message by getting in touch with the media, schools, industry and other organizations which can report on the nature and purpose of A.A. and what it can do for alcoholics.

Our 5th Tradition says each group has one primary purpose — to carry the AA message, and our 1st Concept says ultimate responsibility and authority belong to the AA groups.

Our gratitude for the gift of recovery will be reflected by our efforts in this field.

“Public Information takes many forms…whatever the form, it comes down to ‘one drunk carrying the message to another drunk,’ whether through personal contact or through the use of third parties… ” – Bill W.

  • Panel 74 (2024–2025)

General Service district positions have a 2-year term. District 22 holds panel-wide elections in November of every odd-number year. Each newly elected panel takes office on January 1 of the next even-numbered year, allowing an orientation period and a smooth transition of responsibilities to the new panel.

Service Terminology

  • GSR (General Service Representative)

“The strength of our whole AA service structure starts with the group and with the GSR the group elects. I cannot emphasize too strongly the GSR’s importance.” – Bill W. One of the most important roles in AA, the GSR is an experienced AA member elected by the group for representation on the District Committee. The GSR keeps the group informed about District, Area and General Service Conference activities and information.

[2 years of continuous sobriety suggested]

  • Registrar

Our Registrar develops and maintain records of all groups in District 22 including but not limited to, group names, meeting locations and times.  Registrars may also be responsible for names, email addresses and phone numbers of a group contract person, Intergroup Reps, G.S.R.s, and the D.C.M.

Our Registrar can also help you get your group registered with G.S.O. (New York) and C.C.F.A.A. (Central Office down the hill).

The current D22 Registrar is Mark B.  New groups, changes to a group, or contact information can be emailed to:

[2 years of continuous sobriety suggested]


  • DCM (District Committee Member)

Experienced GSR elected by other GSRs to represent the groups of their District in Area Committee meetings. Coordinates service activities in the District.

[4-5 years of continuous sobriety suggested]


  • Delegate

Represents the Area at the annual General Service Conference. Has prior experience as GSR in local and Area affairs, providing service leadership and education. Coordinates information to and from GSO on behalf of the Area. [5-6 years of continuous sobriety suggested]


  • GSO (General Service Office)

A.A. headquarters located at 475 Riverside Drive, New York City, which serves the U.S., Canada and overseas countries not having their own A.A. service structure. Publishes and distributes all official A.A. information. Also location of Grapevine headquarters.


  • Third Legacy

AA’s Third Legacy is Service, the sum total of all A.A. services — from 12-step calls to coast-to-coast and worldwide service activities. The first two Legacies are Recovery and Unity.


  • Trustee

A member of A.A.’s General Service Board. There are 14 trustees who are AA members (Class B) and 7 who are non-alcoholics (Class A).

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