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Does AA Work?

See the Stanford Study below


Our Public Information and Cooperation with a Professional Community (PI/CPC) Committee is ready to seek and establish simple and effective ways to work you on a professional level to inform those that want to stop drinking that AA is here to help.

Our Methods:


Upon request, our committee is available to set up exhibit tables offering informational pamphlets and meeting schedules at any professional event.



We are available to give presentations about Alcoholics Anonymous for any group of professionals.  We are flexible and able to fit this within any time frame- from ten minutes to an hour. This may take place at a staff meeting, in a classroom, or any other setting. 



We have packets available which contain letters and pamphlets describing A.A. These are available on request in both English and Spanish. 

Request AA at your event:

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Sign up for AA’s Professional Newsletter Here: 

Professionals can include:

Healthcare Professionals

Mental Health Professionals

Social Workers

Human Resources Professionals

Police Officers

Legal Professionals

Corrections Professionals

Treatment Center Staff


Members of the Clergy

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